Unlike some of our competitors who may start by telling you what you need, we start by listening. At Nucleus we recognize that no two businesses are alike. We find that even businesses within the same industry can differ dramatically in how they work and in their business objectives.

We want to know how your employees work, where they work from and what information they need to share. We ask about your company’s growth objectives and about obstacles to growth and efficiency. We also inquire about your business risks and risk tolerances. The answers to these types of questions allow us to properly assess the current IT environment and develop an IT plan tailored to your business.

Executing the IT plan is as important as the plan itself. Introducing new technology to the work place requires commitment by everyone involved and it requires measurable results. Testing and off-hour roll outs are a few of the measures we take to ensure technology changes are well executed and embraced by users.

Once the appropriate IT infrastructure is in place, it must be properly maintained to function as designed. We accomplish this through 24/7/365 remote monitoring and regularly scheduled maintenance and optimization. Monitoring allows us to identify and resolve critical issues before they affect users. This proactive approach increases uptime and performance while improving security. It additionally levels and lowers business cost versus a reactive break-fix approach.

If your business has 4 or more computers, proper assessment of your business objectives and IT environment is so important that we do it for free.


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